American Experess Centurion Lounge at DFW

American Experess Centurion Lounge at DFW

Not all airport lounges are created equal. The word” lounge” alone sounds swanky and upscale, but if you are a frequent flyer, you know that some airport lounges leave a lot to be desired. With travel often comes the unavoidable stress. However, airport lounges can ease your stress levels and make you comfortable and relaxed before or even after your trip.

After researching online reviews and top travel blogs, we would like to share our compiled list of top 5 airport lounges in the US and the amenities they offer.

American Express Centurion DFW
Dallas, Fort Worth, TX
There’s no place like home except for when you are at the American Express Centurion lounge at Dallas Fort Worth Airport. This lounge is simply amazing and luxurious. They have partnered with many well-known brands such as Food and Wine Magazine and L’Occitane en Provence products. They offer spa services, showers, semi-private work spaces with WIFI as well as print, copy and fax services. Out of all the lounges, the food at Amex Centurion DFW may be the most exclusive. You can experience dishes designed by award winning Chef Dean Fearing. In addition, other amenities include a cocktail bar and family room.

Virgin Atlantic JFK  Clubhouse
Jamaica, NY
Virgin Atlantic JFK Clubhouse is luxury boasting New York style. The lounge offers an upscale and futuristic aesthetic where you can relax and feel comfortable before your flight. Amenities include an entertainment area with TV’s and a pool table, concierge services for last minute flight arrangements and phone charging stations. Document printing is also available for your business needs. There’s a spa featuring the Bumble and Bumble hair salon as well skin-care services. You can get complimentary food at any time, but they also offer sit down dining with an a la carte menu.

Star Alliance LAX
Los Angeles, CA
The Star Alliance Airport Lounge at LAX is one of the only luxury lounges in the US with an outdoor terrace that overlooks the airfield and the Hollywood Hills. It’s beautifully pleasing to the eye and you surely will feel very relaxed here. Amenities include complimentary cocktails, beer and wine, privacy rooms, showers and a separate first class lounge where you can get a la carte dining. Complimentary snacks are available as well. The lounge is well-equipped with TV’s, newspapers and magazines for your entertainment. Complimentary business services such as printing and copying are available as well.

United Club IAH
Houston, TX
There are quite a few United Club lounges at IAH, but the Continental President’s Club in Terminal E is an award winning airport lounge. This three story flagship lounge has all the amenities you could
possibly need to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing experience before your flight. . Amenities include shower suites, semi-private work stations, conference rooms, complimentary snacks and alcoholic beverages as well as WIFI, TV’s, newspapers, magazines and family rooms. There is also a bar area and they even offer clothes pressing services.

Delta Sky Club ATL
Atlanta, GA
Delta Sky Club ATL has a few locations throughout the Atlanta Airport. According to numerous online reviews, the best location is the Terminal D, gate D2 location. It is located in a less busy area of the airport and is quieter than the other Delta Sky Club lounges. Delta Sky Club offers free WIFI, conference rooms for meetings, TV’s, newspapers and magazines. Should you need business services, you can print and fax documents as well. If you need to freshen up, showers are also on site. There’s plenty on the food menu for you to enjoy as well as complimentary alcoholic beverages and a fully stocked bar for specialty drinks.

Some of the airport lounges listed above are only available to international travelers. For more details on memberships and how to get access to the airport lounges, click the links provided. Happy travels everyone!