Roadshows & Meetings

When it comes to executive transportation, Road shows are arguably the ultimate test in transportation logistics.

Whether transporting a CEO or an entire Board of Directors, you need a dedicated expert who is well-versed in the intricacies of Road Show client needs and are able to create a detailed itinerary along with a contingency plan for handling last-minute changes. From chauffeur preparation, route planning to tarmac protocol, you can count on Avstar to handle it all.

Avstar’s precise roadshow transportation support team keeps you rolling during your most complex itineraries.

Logistical management must be exceptional to support your business-critical road shows. With so many moving parts, back-to-back meetings and diverse locations, you face a much greater chance for costly travel errors. That’s where our experienced team of scheduling experts comes in handy. We keep road show participants on time and on schedule with the help of a team of expert chauffeurs and the smartest scheduling and navigation software available.

Our in-house expertise ensures road show participants arrive on time to their meetings at various locations. It takes an experienced, fast-acting, nimble support team to execute complex road show transportation plans, and we have a proven track record of handling it.

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