The majority of people who travel, whether business or pleasure, will usually book flights through commercial airlines. Although commercial travel is the most customary way people get to their destinations, it’s not always the most convenient. Often we hear travel disaster stories that involve long security lines and poor customer service. Air travel can be extremely time-consuming, stressful and frustrating. For those of you who haven’t considered using a private aircraft charter for your executive travel here are some reasons you may want to hire a private charter for your next business trip.

Convenience and flexibility are the top reasons for chartering a private aircraft for executive travel. You can arrive at your airport just minutes before your flight and fly directly to your destination. There’s virtually no wait. When you travel commercially, it is necessary to arrive at least one hour before your flight due to check-in, baggage check and security. Not a great way to spend your valuable time. Private charters also have 5,000 different public airport options in which to land as opposed to only about 500 for commercial airlines. This means you can land closer to your destination with less ground travel time. In addition, if you are running late, your plane will not leave without you.

Time is important. If you save time, then you are saving money. With a private charter, you are traveling on your own schedule. There are no pre-planned flights so you get to set when you want to leave. With a private charter, you can easily conduct business without distractions of other passengers. Save even more time if you travel on a private charter with members of your business team. You can be productive and conduct meetings while in flight.

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Overall, going with a private charter will keep you relaxed and stress-free. No lost luggage, transferring mid-flight, security concerns or waiting on long lines. You will have all the amenities you need on board to keep it a smooth and productive trip.

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