New York City

When traveling for business or leisure, everyone wants the “VIP” experience. Booking a flight can be tedious enough, let alone managing travel arrangements at your target destination. However, here at Avstar, we strive to provide our clients service with unparalleled class and efficiency. You take your travel seriously, and so do we. Unlike those rent-a-car [...]

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The Long-Haul Flight Survival Guide

You’ve made it! You trekked all the way to your local airport, checked-in to your flight, navigated security and waited patiently for your plane to arrive at the departure gate. Sitting in your seat is an accomplishment on its own, now what? The journey has just begun and you still have a long way to [...]

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Changing ID Requirements for Travel 2018

  Along with the new year, a few changes to airline travel standards are coming into effect that may or may not hinder your travel plans. The Department of Homeland Security issued an announcement that starting January 22, 2018 there will be the enforcement of “REAL ID” at all airport security checkpoints. This stems from [...]

Taxing Uber & Lyft

New York City is one of the major hubs for information, travel, and business. Along with its prominence as a massive urban center comes with the burden of various problems regarding infrastructure management. One problem New York City is facing today is street congestion. The increased level of street traffic has resulted in longer travel [...]

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“Beating the Buzz”

.   5 Tips to Stay Safe During the Holidays   It’s the time of year especially set aside for families to come together and spend time with those who are only able to see each other once every year. But the holidays aren’t just about family, they’re about fun too! Alcohol and the Holidays [...]

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Happy Holiday Travel Tips to Make Your Life Easier

With the holiday season quickly approaching, many travelers rely on air transportation whether it be executive aircraft charter or commercial to visit their relatives at home and aboard. Congested security lines and overcrowded airport terminals are just some of the reasons travel during this time of the year can become a major headache. Holiday travel [...]

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5 Reasons Why Executives Choose Corporate Ground Transportation Services

Ask any executive about how hectic their business travel schedule can be. From important meetings abroad to national roadshows, it can be a grueling task to coordinate an entire itinerary. Executives expect a smooth, comfortable and safe trip to any given destination. They often rely on expert ground transportation companies to make sure that their [...]

How will the upcoming US Passport Changes Affect Future Travel?

Our clients are our number one priority. We aim to give the professionals that we service the best experience with their executive ground transportation NYC and all over the U.S. Our purpose is not only to deliver the best in customer service, but to give you valuable and helpful information so that you can travel [...]

Packing Tips for Executive Travel Warriors

    While you may have been traveling on business for many years, one thing probably hasn’t changed; you forgot something. Now your heart beats faster, and you start to sweat because as you board your flight, you’ve realized that the important file you need for your meeting upon landing is sitting on your kitchen [...]

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5 Tips for Executive Travel During the Holiday Season

TSA pre-check is probably one of the biggest time-savers with travel. There are 150 airports and 12 major airlines in the US that offer this expedited security screening. Once you go through the screening process, and you have been approved for TSA pre-check, you won’t have to wait on long security lines nor will you have to remove certain clothing items and shoes. You can learn more about TSA pre-check and apply online here. For the Global Pass go to http://usa.immigrationvisaforms.com/travel/global-entry-pass. If you have an American Express Platinum Card you will be reimbursed the $100.00 fee after it is charged.

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