Happy New Year to all of our clients! With 2016 notoriously noted on social media and the internet as THE worst year in history ever, we are all looking forward to starting fresh in 2017!  As we make our way into the new year, we want to share with you some of the hottest trends for executive ground transportation NYC travel that is getting some major buzz. It is our mission to keep our favorite road warriors well informed on the latest and greatest trends so that utilizing them can help to improve your productivity while on the go. We hope you will find these trends as a way to save you both time and money as you start your business travel throughout the year.

Flight Booking Through Mobile
While mobile technology is by far anything but new, it continues to evolve and improve year after year. Whether you are using your mobile device to enhance your executive ground transportation NYC or to keep in touch with co-workers on the go, mobile devices are slowly taking over the desktop for obtaining news and information. The coming new year will see more airline and hotel bookings through mobile apps. There will no need to have access to a computer to check itineraries, frequent flyer miles, flight delays and more.  All the travel information that you need is literally at your fingertips.

Mobile Wallets
Mobile wallet started to become more and more popular throughout 2016. It makes sense as people are looking for more convenient ways to do business and save time. PayPal was the mobile pay industry leader and Apple then followed suit and launched Apple pay in 2014 and Google Android pay on its heels launching in 2015. Both Apple Pay and Google Android Pay have had a major impact on how people are buying goods and services. Worldpay predicted that in 2015 credit and debit payments would decrease from two-thirds of all transactions only half by 2019. This means more people will be booking flights; hotel stays as well as their executive ground transportation NYC to and from airports through their mobile wallets.

The Millennial Trend
It seems that millennials are having a major impact on how mobile technology is being used for travel. According to a study conducted by the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA) and American Express Global Business Travel, 72% of millennials have used their phones or tablets to check their itineraries at least once a day during their business travel. They are also using their smartphones to track business expenses as opposed to travelers over the age of 55 still tracking their expenses and logging it in on paper. This is slated to continue to increase through 2017 as more Millennials replace retired executive business positions in the coming years.

More Free WIFI Services at hotels
Nowadays, people expect to have a WIFI connection wherever they go. Whether they are in their local grocery store or at a hotel or airport, they want to get the information and connections to others fast. With that being said, more hotels will be offering free WIFI in 2017 as an accommodation to increase revenue from travelers who are on business. With WIFI being an essential part of keeping in touch with staff, sending emails and working remotely, many hotel chains understand that by offering free WIFI they are staying competitive. If business travelers have a choice between two hotels in which only one offers free WIFI, then it’s safe to say, the hotel offering the free WIFI wins the business.

Whether your New Year’s resolution includes a new gym membership or getting back to your pre-holiday weight, we think the best New Year’s resolutions we hear about are the ones that offer travel and adventure!  If you are traveling and need corporate ground transportation NYC, we can accommodate all of your needs from coordinating travel to airports, roadshows, meetings and more! Contact us to book your next corporate travel event.