Top 5 Airport Lounges in the US for Business and First Class Travelers

Not all airport lounges are created equal. The word” lounge” alone sounds swanky and upscale, but if you are a frequent flyer, you know that some airport lounges leave a lot to be desired. With travel often comes the unavoidable stress. However, airport lounges can ease your stress levels and make you comfortable and relaxed before or even after your trip.

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Top Restaurant Picks for NYC Airport Dining

Airport dining has come a long way. Although you may still be able to get the old greasy burger and fries in a brown paper bag to go, now airport restaurants are offering more upscale and tasty alternatives. Some of the top chefs and restaurateurs from around the country have put their brands into Airport [...]

Don’t Leave Home Without These 10 Essentials For Your Single-day Travel

The air in a plane cabin can be a bit stagnant. The not-so-fresh air can make you feel tired, and your skin look dull. Refresh with facial wipes, and then follow up with your favorite trial size moisturizer. For the ladies, if you are wearing makeup, sometimes foundation can settle and look a bit cakey and dry. Facial wipes are great for this situation because you can wipe off and reapply your foundation for a fresher look.

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5 Tips for Executive Travel During the Holiday Season

TSA pre-check is probably one of the biggest time-savers with travel. There are 150 airports and 12 major airlines in the US that offer this expedited security screening. Once you go through the screening process, and you have been approved for TSA pre-check, you won’t have to wait on long security lines nor will you have to remove certain clothing items and shoes. You can learn more about TSA pre-check and apply online here. For the Global Pass go to If you have an American Express Platinum Card you will be reimbursed the $100.00 fee after it is charged.

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Why You Should Use a Private Aircraft Charter for Your Executive Travel

The majority of people who travel, whether business or pleasure, will usually book flights through commercial airlines. Although commercial travel is the most customary way people get to their destinations, it’s not always the most convenient. Often we hear travel disaster stories that involve long security lines and poor customer service. Air travel can be [...]

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5 Qualities Your Executive Transportation Company Should Have

An experienced ground transportation company should be considered when making your hire decision. Although you may save a few dollars by booking a car service company that hasn’t been in business for very long, this leaves too much room for error. With experience comes a higher level of customer service and reliability.

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Port Authority Exploring Airport Access Fees

Many frequent travelers and transportation companies, including Avstar, are not happy hearing about this impending fee. Enough taxes and fees are collected from travelers as it is. This charge will force transportation companies to have to add another cost to a client’s bill. Other solutions for congestion should be considered. Avstar’s experience with LaGuardia being under construction has been challenging for chauffeurs. Sometimes they are unable to park in the lot where the passenger is arriving. It’s a long walk to get the client back to the vehicle and most clients want curbside pickup. Not good for customer service by any means.

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Avstar Blog

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